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Siewierz Castle | Poland

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Recently we went to visit a Siewierz Castle, built in the first half of the thirteenth century,

located 31 km northeast of Katowice in Poland.

My expectations weren't high because I knew these were ruins of a small castle,

not a museum as in Bedzin Castle for example.

But...I loved it!

castle behind the trees


In the years 1337-1359 it belonged to prince Kazimierz I,

then prince Przemyslaw Noszak sold it to the prince Bolek II.

In 1443 Duke Waclaw I sold the town and the castle

to bishop Zbigniew Olesnicki.

The last resident of the castle, Feliks Pawel Turski, left the residence in 1800.

ruins of the castle


The castle began to crumble in the seventeenth century,

After The Deluge the castle was rebuilt just to turn into a ruin again.

The only reason the building did not diminish is due to reconstruction and renovation works in the 1950s, 1970s, and 1990s.

ruins of the castle


Wood and earth stronghold, surrounded by sandy rampart with wood-reinforced edges.

Inside, we could find timber buildings. A cylindrical tower with a diameter of 9 meters was the old stone building that was inside. Later on surrounded by a perimeter wall.

The entrance until the mid-15th century was just a simple portal in the wall then it was reinforced with a gatehouse.

In the western part of the courtyard we could find the oldest brick residential building.

ruins of the castle


Siewierz Castle in Poland is in ruins.

At the entrance there is a Tourist Information Point, however when we've got there, the gate to the castle was open and there was nobody there.

What survived from the castle to this day, is the tower of the main gate,

the fragments of the original stonework,

16th-century defensive walls,

the exterior walls of the living wings...

Let me know if you had the chance to visit Poland and Siewierz Castle!

Let me share with you a bonus - THE LEGEND!

You can watch it on my instagram by clicking here.


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