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Hola Hola

My name is Catalina, I am 27 years old and I am a worldwide citizen.  When I was 18 I dropped everything

to Catch The PLANE & Get INSANE!

I started to work and travel, living out of a suitcase,

catching several flights a year. 
I started my adventures alone and I am proud to say that I am a solo female traveler. 

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My Story

All my teenage years I knew who I didn't want to be, I had an idea of who I could be and a huge desire of being a traveler.  I remember one day my brother gave me the contact information of his friend who used to work as a hotel entertainer, saying that it can be the path that I am dreaming about - traveling, meeting new people, expanding my horizons.

Not long after, I told my mom that "I'm going to Ibiza!" and 2 weeks later I was there.
As soon as I landed in Ibiza, my life began -
I have become a traveler.

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