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Ruins Of The Danków Fortress | Poland

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Ruins Of The Danków Fortress is the only structure of this type in Poland!

Once in Danków there was a Gothic-Renaissance knight's castle.

Although the castle no longer exists,

we can still visit the ruins of a 17th-century bastion fortress.

dankow fortress ruins


There is a lot of aspects that aren't clear in the historical records, e.g:

➡️ Until now, it was believed that in the 13th century there was a defensive stronghold in Danków, but recent research indicates that there is no mention of the existence of the stronghold in historical records.

➡️ Encyclopedias and diaries from the 19th century state that the castle in Danków has existed since the Middle Ages, however there's no evidence for that.

➡️ In 1655, the castle probably wasn't attacked by the Swedes and was one of the few places in Poland that were not occupied by them during the Deluge.

dankow fortress ruins


↪️ From the east, the castle was completely inaccessible -

it was protected by a large artificial lake.

↪️ There was no brick residence in the castle,

and the main residential building of the owners was built of wood.

↪️ There was a brick shed in the castle, which may have used the walls of an older building,

and a kitchen.

↪️ There was a brick church of St. Stanisław, rather larger size.

Ruins Of The Danków Fortress

Ruins Of The Danków Fortress

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