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Flooded Bibiela Mine | Poland

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Have you ever heard of Flooded Bibiela Mine in Poland? I haven't!

I was looking for any kind of ruins around my location,

and I accidentally found Bibiela on google maps.

I am so glad I did!

Bibiela flooded mine


According to the records of the local chronicler Jan Nowak from 1927, the extracted ore had up to 48% iron, which made it one of the richest iron ore in Europe.

Bibiela mine

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Bibiela mine


The main was exploitated for 28 years during which it was flooded 4 times.

8 steam pumps were always able to pump the water out, so 700 employees

could do their job without worries.

Bibiela flooded mine

Unexpectedly on June 17, 1917 the disaster came.

At 11:00 a.m. a larger influx of water was noticed in one of the adits, which was pumped out,

but around 2:00 p.m. there was a bang and the mine began to be flooded with a torrent of water.

Bibiela flooded mine

The water tore fragments of walls, collapsed ceilings, and soon began to reach the miners' knees. Thanks God all the miners working below managed to escape.

Within two hours, the entire mine – including machinery and equipment – was flooded.


In the interwar period there was an attempt of restarting of the mine.

However, suspicion about an underground lake in the vicinity of the mine was real, so it turns out impossible to do, as the water was drawn from this reservoir to supply Tarnowskie Góry and part of the GOP ("Górnośląski Okręg Przemysłowy" - Upper Silesian Industrial District).

Bibiela flooded mine

Unlucky the mine was launched in the vicinity of an underground water reservoir,

called the "Main Underground Water Reservoir Lubliniec-Myszków".

Let me just say, that I felt like Indiana Jones when we've got there.

It is hidden deep in the forest in Tarnowskie Góry region.

Once you get there, you need to climb down a little bit to enter the ruins.

girl indiana jones adventure

Amazing way to spend a day! Around it you can have a nice walk in the forest, you can go mushroom picking, you can come with a bike and enjoy the yellow bike trail called „Leśno Rajza” or you can take the dogs for a walk.

Let me know in the comment - have you ever heared of this place?


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