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Będzin Castle, A 700-Year-Old Witness Of Polish History

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

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Recently, we had the opportunity to visit Będzin, to be specific the Castle located on a hill on the banks of the Czarna Przemsza River.

According to the legend, it was cursed by the devil called Boruta, who with the words:

"May you always have black waters..."

made the waters of the river really black from that time on.

bedzin castle in poland

The history of the Będzin Castle is closely related to the takeover of Silesia by the Czechs,

and the current "version" of the Castle is a reconstruction

from 1952-1956 created for the purpose of the museum.

According to one of the Legends, the name Będzin comes from the name of the Knight Benda.

According to another story, it came from the words of King Casimir the Great,

who came to Będzin saying "tu będziem my" (here we'll be), hence the name "Będzin".

girl in the castle


By choosing this adventure we will see much more than just a medieval defensive stronghold.

The Będzin Castle hides in its interiors not only an exceptionally interesting history,

but also a museum dedicated to the history of the castle, the city, weapons and armaments.

castle in bedzin


City walls Castle Hill

Będzin Underground

Mieroszewski Palace

"Mizrachi" House Of Prayer

+ the river which used to be the border of the Polish State.

bedzin city and curch


14th century

In the 1940s King Casimir the Great adds to the tower of the final defense (from the second half of the 13th century) which is standing on the hill,

a residential part and a four-sided tower, surrounded by two perimeter walls.

The castle was built of local stone.

It is worth knowing that the tower were not inhabited during peacetime -

it had a defensive function

Beginning of the 17th century

Part of the city is consumed by fire, along with the castle.

It is rebuilt, this time not in a defensive but representative character.

End of the 17th century

The building fell into ruin.

19th century

Planning the demolition of the castle ruins.

However, it delights Count Raczyński, who in 1834 employs an architect of Italian origin, Franciszek Maria Lanci, and prevents the demolition of the castle.

- - - - - -

During the interwar period, another reconstruction plan begins to be developed,

which fails to be implemented due to the outbreak of war.

The concept of rebuilding the castle was resumed only after World War II.

20th century

Rebuilding the castle to the version we know today

and handing it over for the Zagłębie Museum in Będzin.

castle model


The tour is very informative.

We had the pleasure of visiting the museum in the company of a guide, who, in addition to passing on knowledge, brought us closer to the realities of life in the past.

Listening to her, we had the impression that we were listening to someone who witnessed all the events she is now talking about.

Knight's armor


A lot of knowledge, attention to details that complemented the whole scenery in the imagination.

It is definitely worth choosing the company of a guide when going to the castle.

I'm sure that going through this experience by yourself wouldn't be as magical as it can be with a guide.

What can we see at the Museum?

• figures

• coins

• photographs, paintings

• protective armament

old coin


(armours seem very small,

This is because our ancestors were smaller than us.

According to the findings of anthropologists, the average man measured 165-170 cm, and a woman 155-160 cm.)


We can also see:

• shooting accessories

• an exhibition dedicated to Jews

• seal of King Casimir the Great

seal of the king

You can see here, one of

the largest collections

of firearms, bladed and hunting weapons and artillery in Poland .


price list

Price list from the Museum's Page



If you are going with a stroller, the best solution will probably be to bring aswell a baby carrier, because moving around the castle with a stroller can be difficult.

If the child is older, guided tours may not be the best attraction for them, but the exhibits in the museum showcases will certainly interest them enough that the parent can enjoy the stories right next to them. Also in the castle courtyard there is a space where you can move freely if your child loses interest.

girl with a mask on


We can park right next to the Castle, which is a great convenience, for example for older people who should also have no problem sightseeing.

There is a bench in each room where they can sit and rest. The only difficulty may be the stairs to the last floor of the tour and Stołpy, which is reached by long, winding steps.

warning of high stairs

From the above-mentioned floor we have access to the view of:

• Park

• Stołp

• Mount Siberka

• Kołłątaja Avenue

• Castle Hill

• Mieroszewski Palace

• Reconstruction of the Embankment

• Church of the Holy Trinity

• part of the Old Town

Church of the Holy Trinity


The museum offers tours with an introductory guide in English.


The castle has had many ups and downs, many renovations and has risen like a phoenix from the ashes many times, which in my opinion adds character to its history.

This place hosted kings and witnessed the centuries-long history of Poland.

If you want to spend an interesting day following the trails of kings,

this is definitely the place for you!

And if you have already had the opportunity to visit Będzin,

share your impressions in the comment. 😉

będzin city

Special thanks to the staff of Będzin Castle, who really make an effort to ensure that each visitor takes a unique journey back in time. 👏


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