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The Legend Of The Black Knight Of Będzin | Poland

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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While in Będzin, we've heared an interesting legend about the Black Knight

visiting the Castle...


In the first half of the 15th century,

the burgrave of Będzin Castle was Mikołaj Kornicz Siestrzeniec.

Despite the important functions he held,

he was a rather conflictual person and has committed acts unworthy of a knight.

bedzin castle

One day, the beauty of one girl of Będzin caught his attention.

A young girl of Jewish descent named Sura charmed Mikołaj, who was completely crazy about her, however after unsuccessful advances, man in love enraged by the fact that

that Sura did not return his feelings, he imprisoned her in his manor in Wiesiółka.

old village

Once, he went to Wiesiółka and was pushing Sura to love him.

After another failed attempts, in a rage when the girl tried to free herself from his embrace, Mikołaj killed her by piercing her breast with an ice axe.


With her last breath, the dying girl managed to curse the burgrave with the words:

„May Jehovah avenge my wrongs, and may ravens tear your body to pieces”.

After the death of Sura, Mikołaj Kornicz lived as before and did not change his behavior -

robbed, attacked neighbors, got into conflicts... it went on until when the King, as a result of numerous complaints about Kornicz's conduct, decided to put an end to him by bringing him before the court.

king with the sword

Illustration by Johnatan'a Correa

While awaiting the verdict, Kornicz stayed at the Castle, worrying and annoyed about his fate. Resigned, he locked himself in the castle tower and expected that the verdict would not be beneficial for him, he committed suicide by jumping from the window into the castle courtyard.


Kornicz's broken head was cut off and buried, and the body remained in the courtyard and the words which Sura cursed him with came to life - his body became a feast for the ravens.

The remains of the burgrave's body were buried under the castle wall.

According to legend, the Ghost of the Black Knight appears in the castle,

walking around in the company of a young woman carrying his head.


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