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The Legend Of Kuekuatsu

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

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While working at a camp in California, we told the kids various legends.

One in particular touched my heart from the moment I first heard it and became my favorite.

Let me tell it to you The Legend Of Kuekuatsu.

open book

Once the Moon, I will call her Luna, she gave her heart to her one true love, but today she is lonely because she had to let him go.

Her lover's name was Kuekuatsu.

They lived together in the spiritual world and traveled through the stars together every night, never having loved anyone other than themselves. They were happy together, created to share this love, but it was not given to them forever.


There was someone else in the spirit world who also loved Luna - his name was Trickster.

He wanted her exclusively. He thought and plotted how to achieve this until he came up with a brilliant idea. One day Kuekuatsu came and told him that if he followed him, he would show him something beautiful.

space universe

So they descended to the ground and wandered until they came to a clearing full of wild flowers, the most beautiful of which was a wild rose bush.

Kuekuatsu stopped, amazed by the beauty of the roses, and after a while he asked, "Wouldn't it be the perfect gift for her?" - Trickster nodded.

Kuekuatsu reached for it, but in his haste he forgot something important.

He collected as many roses as he could. Even though their thorns hurt him, he knew the pain was worth Luna's smile.


Night fell on him and she appeared.

Confused by not seeing her beloved, she searched and searched for him until she finally spotted Kuekuatsu in the field. With joy, her glow shone brighter than usual, and it immediately reached him.

Kuekuatsu wanted to get close to her to give her a bouquet of roses, but he couldn't...

He forgot that once he leaves the spiritual world, he will never be able to return to it.


He apologized to her, trying to explain that he did it out of love.

She understood and stayed with him as long as she could.

They both shared tears that night, and Kuekuatsu's cries lasted so long that after a while they turned into howls.

Finally, the time came when Luna had to leave him.


Suddenly Trickster appeared to comfort her, but she knew it was his fault that she couldn't be with her beloved.

She banished him by forbidding him to return to the spiritual world.


Kuekuatsu, unable to return to his world, took the form of a wolf.

Now he and his beloved meet every night, but all he is left with is a sobbing song of dreams of meeting her again...

So the moon lights his way every night, and he howls, hoping that his song will reach her.

wolf moon

Let me know in the comment - do you have a favourite legend?


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