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The Legend Of Mirów And Bobolice Castles

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

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The Legend Of Mirów And Bobolice Castles has it, the first owners of the castles were the brothers Mir and Bobol, and the town names "Mirów" and "Bobolice" were derived from their names.

castle bobolice mirow

Brothers fought faithfully by each other's side during wars,

shoulder to shoulder, sword to sword,

and they divided the valuable loot collected after the battles fairly by half.

man looking at the castle

Considering the large amount of loot, they decided to connect the two castles with an underground tunnel and hide the treasures there.

The tunnel was guarded by a witch so terrible that her appearance alone was enough to drive away thieves.



One day, apart from loot, Bobol brought with him to the castle a greater treasure than any other he had ever captured...

She was the chosen one of his heart, with whom, over time, Mir also fell in love.


foto: Izabela Siwek &

As fate would have it, the bond of marriage united Virgo with Bobol, sending Mir the pain of rejection.

However, it turned out that this Lady had feelings not only for her husband, but also for his brother.

To celebrate their love, he and Mir decided to secretly escape at night to the tunnel beneath the castle, while the witch went to the Sabbath.


However, one day Bobol caught two lovers!

In a frenzy of anger and jealousy, he grabbed a sword and thoughtlessly killed his brother, and had his wife walled up in the castle tower.

castle door

Legend has it that to this day, a Lady dressed in white, looking sadly at the Mirów Castle, appears in the window of the tower at Bobolice Castle.

ghost warning castle
ghost warning castle

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