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Magical Seville | Spain

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Being in Seville in Spain, the magic of this city has accompanied me all the time.

As if someone had enchanted the buildings, locked, time and history inside them so today's visitors can let their imagination freely.

My trip to Seville was spontaneous and the flight from Lanzarote only cost me €63.89.

girl in seville

Seasigting of the city is very intuitive because a major part can be walked around,

and the remaining, further corners can be seen by "Sevirama" bus (get on-get off).

The cost of such a ticket is 18 euros for two days.

palm trees

Sevilla is very well mapped on visitor brochures.

The maps are clear, everything is transparent and understandable.

Descriptions are short and specific.

building in seville

Due to the fact that my adventure in Sevilla lasted only 2 days,

I didn't manage to see everything I wanted to,

but I think that I managed to visit a lot of places anyway.

palm trees

Price Examples

From the airport straight to the center took me a bus for 4 euros.

A street psychic told me that there is someone who already loves me and that he is the one for me (she was right), so I gave her 2.80 euros (that's all spare money I had).

On the first day I focused more on being here and now, by all mean, I went there where my heart led me. I bought a ticket for "Sevirama" for 18 euros.

I had a coffee for 1.5 euros at Maria Luisa Park.

I tasted a milk shake for 4.50 euros at Torre Del Oro.

I went to the place where I suppose to sleep. (Hotel accommodation is also not very expensive. I slept 1 night at the airport and one night at the 4-star hotel "Pasarela" for 55 euros.)

seville spain

"place where I suppose to sleep" - why this way:

At first, I was supposed to stay overnight with a certain professor, if I remember correctly, through the Couchsurfing application, but when I got there,

I thought I would never leave...

dark corridor

The person who was supposed to couchsurfing for the night turned out to be a man in his 30s.

His apartment was in a rather unpleasant part of the town...

When he opened the door for me on the intercom and guided me upstairs,

when entring the building my heart was pounding like crazy!

The stairway was dark and it looked like a scene out of a horror movie.

Halfway up there was an old baby carriage, dirty and neglected.

When I got to his "apartment", or rather an attic with a kitchen and a living room, the first thing I thought was "how to get out of there...?!"

woman with a baby carrage on the attic

Without the key, I wouldn't open the front door, because when I went in and it slammed,

I couldn't open it anymore (I've tried).

The apartment was a mess, there was a mattress on the ground with a sheet on it.

There was no other room, no other bed, there were two of us, suspicious...

He offered me something to drink, I said that I had my water, thank you.

He invited me to the terrace, or rather the roof, where there was a table and chairs.

He brought food for himself and two beers already poured into a glass.

"Have a drink", he urged. I refused, sipping my water.

We talked, I wanted to let him know that I am not alone here (even tho I was) and that I made an appointment with my friends, to whom I gave the address where they would find me (even tho I didn't).

I encouraged him to join us, wanting to get out of this building as quickly as possible.

I didn't show that I was scared or that the story about my friends

After almost an hour and my convincing that I had made an appointment with my friends and I was going to meet them, he turned around and said that this is not how you do it, that I was supposed to sleep here, he welcomed me with a beer I didn't even taste it and now I am leaving, that it is not pleasnant, etc...

dark stairway

He let me out (luckily I only had a backpack, so there was no suspicion that I wouldn't come back), opened the door, and I immediately ran as fast as I could to a place full of people.

I chose only those roads that are overcrowded, in panic I immediately called my mother telling her a story and making sure someone knows where I am, just in case.

Walking as far as I could, I entered the hotel that was on my way, checked in, took a shower and fell asleep overwhelmed by the whole situation.

Let me know in the comment - did you ever had a simmilar situation?


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