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Malaga - 10 Places To Visit | Spain

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Malaga was a hit!

If you are going to this enchanted part of Andalucia, be sure to visit the following 10 places in Malaga:

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I recommend this adventure somewhere in the middle of your stay in Malaga because it is a wonderful moment to relax.

The view of the city in the background, the mountains, the water... oh, it looks beautiful!

Tickets can be purchased on the promenade or on the website HERE.

12,00 € 60´min

15,00 € 90´min

malaga shore coast see

I had a cruise included in the hop-on hop-off package,

which I bought on the second day of my stay, for 48 hours.

What was included:

48-hour hop-on hop-off sightseeing

Bus stops by all the major attractions

Audioguide in 8 languages

Free walking tour

Entry to MIMMA (Interactive Music Museum)

Entrance to the Automotive and Fashion Museum

10 attractions to choose from: museums, boat trip, flamenco and more...

girl on the boat


One of the most characteristic places of Málaga.

The name comes from the Arabic "al.-qasbah", meaning the citadel.

It was build in the years 756-780, it had a defensive function against pirates.

people walking in the museum

Inside the Alcazaba you will find courtyards, patios and gardens.

Entrance costs only 3.50€!

garden with a fountain


Entrance to the theater is FREE.

Its poor condition is the result of the fact that the Moors used the Roman Theater as a quarry during the construction of the Alcazaba.

roman theatre malaga


Pablo Picasso was born in this city, maybe that's why this museum made such a huge impression on me.

In the museum we can find over 230 work arts of his, which he created in the years 1892-1972.

The entrance ticket costs 9.50€.

spanish museum


Malaga's promenade has an amazing atmosphere.

I definitely recommend a walk, a coffee break and just to give yourself a moment to enjoy the atmosphere created by the street musicians.

palm trees

PLUS it is decorated with the interesting architectural designs.

colourful architecture


Constitution Square, originally called the Old Market Square and later called Plaza De Las Cuatro Calles (Four Streets Square, today is a tightly built-up square with occasional attractions.

palm trees square


If you feel the floral aroma in the air, it means that you are close!

The gardens are located next to the town hall building.

You can find here mainly tangerine and orange trees and various species of roses.

flores and palm tree


A great attraction not only for children but adults aswell!

A big collection of musical instruments from all corners of the world.

Divided into string instruments, wind instruments, etc.

However, the greatest fun is the part of the museum where you can try it yourself!

The ticket costs 5€ per adult, unless you have purchased the ticket mentioned above - Hop-on hop-off - in which it is included.

girl playing violin


The artificial Costa del Sol beach, located by the Muelle Uno, attracts tourists with its characteristic sand sculpture "Malagueta".

For me, apart from taking a photo in front of the "Malagueta" it was the perfect place for lunch and relaxation (Yes, I like to relax! 😂)

You will find many bars and restaurants here.

malagueta scuplture malaga sand palm trees


"La Farola" beautifully decorates the coast of Malaga.

a lighthouse

For me, lighthouses themselves are extraordinary and whenever I have the opportunity to see one while traveling, I use this opportunity!

You can see it up close while walking along the promenade.

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