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Santa Cruz, CA - The City Of Surfers

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Before I knew if I would ever visit Santa Cruz, CA - The City Of Surfers, I imagined the town as very laid-back, where people walked the streets with surfboards and rode skateboards - just like in American movies.


When we got to Santa Cruz it was exactly like this

and even more cinematic!

santa cruz downtown

Considering the fact that smoking weed is legal in California, I can probably safely assume that

that 95% of the people we came into contact with were high.

I don't know if it's the influence of positive vibrations or something else in the air,

but being in this little surfer's paradise I forgot what stress is.

I really forgot!

This definition disappears there, becomes blurred, the head becomes lighter and the muscles automatically relax. We were immediately soaked in the peace that emanates from the residents.

After a whole day in Santa Cruz, I was so relaxed that at one point it was difficult for me to walk. 😄

calidornia gorl on the cliff

There is very little traffic on the streets, most peoplego by walk, on a skateboard or by bike,

but it is a small town where you can get everywhere by bike.

couple on skateboard

On the main street there are a lot of small shops selling various clothes and gadgets.

Most of them are hippie/surf style, such as:

"Moon zone"

"Surf City"

"Pacific Wave"

- the names speak for themselves.

trift shop clothes

The city itself has an area of 40,996 km².

In fact, you could say the whole of Santa Cruz

it's the size of three and a half of the neighborhood where I was raised.

map of santa cruz califronia

People are very nice and helpful!

For example, when we entered shops or hotels and asked for directions, everyone was happy to help.

In one of the hotels, the receptionist was so nice that he also suggested that we use the ice machine since he saw us with backpacks (we probably looked like we needed a cool down - it was quite warm😄).

pirate with rum on the street

Even though Santa Cruz is a small town, the relaxing atmosphere prevents you from getting bored; even if in the long run all it could offer was days spent on the beach.

girl taking a picture of a girl on the beach

The main attraction of the residents are waves and surfing,

and the main attraction for tourists is the amusement park.

santa cruz beach boardwalk entrance

I dreamed of surfing in Santa Cruz, unfortunately on the day we were there (and we were only there for 10 hours)

there was no wind at all...

The locals explained to us the way to the beaches where surfing could be possible that day, but unfortunately limited time did not allow us to do so, at least this time!


Despite such a short time spent in Santa Cruz, I can honestly say that it was enough to fall in love with this "laid back city", or "chill city", as Americans call it.

girl in the amusement park


Watch the entire Santa Cruz adventure!

🔽 🔽 🔽

Let me know in the comment - would you visit Santa Cruz?


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