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Great Barrington, Massachusetts | USA

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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Great Barrington is a small town in Berkshire, Massachusetts,

with a population of only7,527.

girl in the city

Although this small town does not offer many tourist attractions,

in my opinion, when you are somewhere in the area, you need to visit it!

It is a depiction of the "Suburban American Dream".

street usa

Scenery like in the movies - green grass, local shops with a soul,

every passer-by says "good morning" ... The town has an amazing energy!

small town girl

We only spent a few hours here but it was worth it.

It can be said that for people from the outside of United States, the only attraction will be the opportunity to see with their own eyes what life looks like.

girl on the wall background

octopus art

Being in Great Barrington, you can drink coffee, eat lunch, go to church,

go shopping and feel like you are in a movie!

usa church

Strolling along the main street, I recommend looking into each store.

Everyone should find something for themselves.

native shop jacket

indian shop native american

Let me know in the comment -

have you visit Great Barrington already?


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