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Museum Of Death In HOLLYWOOD - The Toughest Give Up

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Museum Of Death In HOLLYWOOD - The Toughest Give Up

While writing this post, thinking back to what I saw in the Museum... I feel sick.

I feel chills and fear paralyzes my breathing, but I want to share it because it's worth knowing what people have to be prepared for and what kind of psychopaths there are among us.

museum of death

Visiting this museum made me realize how lucky I was in my life to do all these "spontaneous" things and come out of them whole. One thing is for sure,


Until now, I didn't realize what could happen to me if I met the wrong person - because I'm always prepared, I have some self-defense and I'm on alert - but the truth is that if I met a psychopath, none of this would bother me, it wouldn't save me.

What I saw at the Museum of Death simply exceeded all my expectations!

hollywood road

The museum was founded in 1995 with the aim of giving people the opportunity to fill gaps in their knowledge about death.

There are hundreds of items there, so the visiting time can vary between 45 minutes and even 3 hours!

The best thing is that the museum has no age restrictions, because, as they wrote on the official website, "death affects us all", but if you do not want to traumatize your child or teenager, it is better to wait a few years. These are not examples of natural death, but real stories straight from the scariest horror movies, and you probably wouldn't sit a child in front of the TV and watch Hannibal Lecter.

Admission to the world-famous Museum costs $17. At this price we can see, among others:

  • the world's largest collection of works of serial killers

  • cannibals' alcove

  • Manson family memorabilia

  • slaughter corridor

  • execution room

  • Hall of suicide

  • massacre photos from crime scenes

The official website posted the following statement:

"We recommend the museum to ADULT AUDIENCES only! Some of the content in the exhibits may be too graphic or detailed. There have been many 'falls' (people fainting) over the years, so we encourage you to prepare yourself before arriving!"

Here are some of the reviews on TripAdvisor:

  • "Perfect if you have consumed poison and want to induce vomiting! Not for those with a weak heart or weak digestive juices." - Ben

  • "I'm honestly glad I didn't fulfill my childhood desire to become a detective like my hero Sherlock Holmes. Seeing the crime scene photos made me feel sick to my stomach, and I'm usually adamant about it." - Jami R

  • "Not for the faint of heart" - John M

  • "A well put together collection, but NOT for children or the faint of heart!" - chris2pherharrison10

map of museum of death

This is the largest collection of its kind in the world and is located in the heart of Hollywood.

It has nothing to do with film fiction, it presents a terrifying reality!

👇 👇 👇

Let me know in the comment - would you dare to see for yourself?

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Catalina Stefańska
Catalina Stefańska
11 בינו׳ 2020

Paola jak najbardziej Cię rozumiem! 😂


Paola BM
Paola BM
11 בינו׳ 2020

Heh... na pewno nie skorzystam!

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