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Ibiza on a budget | Balearic Islands

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

I was lucky to travel to Ibiza in 2014.

It was my first destination from work as an entertainer.

I've spent 2 months on the island which gave me an awesome ideas how you can travel on Ibiza on a budget and enjoying life on this paradise island.

hippie camp island

As for the flight, I bought it quite spontaneously 3 days before departure.

It cost me (one way) 45€.

After doing research, I think that flights for 3 days can fit in the total amount of 250€.

amnesia club party

Ibiza is famous for parties, so being there we should visit at least one club.

However, to enter the famous AMNESIA it is quite expensive... Around 40-100€ only for the ticket. While we're in the prices for drinks are crazy, the cheapest beverage is at least 10-20€.

Working as an entertainer, I had a big discount,

but I managed to enter completely for free and as a VIP. 💪

Not only that, I get a VIP Private Party invitation in the Space Club for free.

It was possible because of the contacts that I've made while being on the Island. This is the key to saving many on tickets in Ibiza. More people you know, more places you can get in.

Those are contact that you can meet in the hotel, at the beach, those can be entertainers, bartenders etc.

girl by the pool in the evening


  • Formentera - Playa De Ses Illetes (one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe)

  • Cova de Can Marca

  • Hippie Market

  • Eivissa

  • Es Vedrà

  • San Antonio  

cliff ibiza ocean sea


Ibiza as the rest of the Balearic Islands is quite expensive.

Prices in resorts are much higher than prices in local parts of the island, eg:

  • Chocolate in Mercadona (Spanish Walmart) 0,99€, and in resorts 2€

  • Cigarettes 5.20€ at the hotel, the local markets 3.20€

  • Hamburger 6€

  • Mineral water 1,50€

  • Coffee 3€ 

  • Lunch at the restaurant with a beverage < 16€

supermarket ibiza drugstore


  • Always wear a sunscreen! The sun in Ibiza is very intense so it is important to protect it, especially while wondering on cliffs. Even those who usually do not use filters (like me).

  • To save on food during a trip around the island - get a lunchbox from the hotel.

  • Cover your head, wear a hat or a bandana.

  • Hydrating is VERY IMPORTANT so water bottle with filter is a must have!

  • Renting a car is cheaper outside the hotel.

  • Last minute flights are much cheaper (2-3 days before).

  • Hotels are cheaper in San Antonio and Santa Eulalia.

  • From the airport to the hotel - buy a transfer online before departure.

girl in the sea


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