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Which Car To Choose? Travel And Eeveryday Life

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Buying a car is not as easy as I thought... 😄

Mi Amor has been looking for the perfect car solution for us for a long time! That perfect one, which would meet all the requirements!

Which car to choose?

car speed

What we were looking at during our research:


car camper

  • The length of the vehicle - it was very important to us that we could both get some sleep and stretch out, and since we are both quite tall - I am 5'7 (175cm) tall, Adam is 6′3 (191cm) tall, so this requirement was on the top of our list.

country road

  • Economy - Low fuel consumption! Considering the fact that we avoid highways and always try to choose more landscaped trails, the lowest possible fuel consumption was of great importance.

peugeot 5008

  • Appearance - Due to the fact that it was our first car purchase, we wanted it to be as practical as possible, not only for travel, but also for a business meeting.

sport cars

  • Uniqueness - Neither of us likes cars that can be seen on every corner. We wanted our future vehicle to be one of a view of the area. Of course, it's hard to choose a one-of-a-kind car, but Mi Amor did it quite well!


  • 4WD - Initially it was the most important aspect, so that we could travel off-road, but over time we came to the conclusion that in places hard to reach, we'll get by bike, walk or scooter.


  • Year - my opinion is - the older the better -but fortunately Adam knows more and made sure that the year was at least 2010+...

open road

  • Clear view - I mean a large window that facilitates visibility. We had the opportunity to go on a trip with Toyota, which had a small window, thick joints on the sides and driving really lost its charm, not to mention it was dangerous...


We managed to find all these requirements in the Peugeot 5008.

Except for one - 4WD...

Quite an important aspect, but I admit that we actually do not notice the lack of four-wheel drive as much as we thought...

It is true that at the beginning of the year we already had an adventure where a team of motorcyclists helped us pull the car out of the morass, but...

car rescure

car rescure

... I love this car and it meets our needs at the moment! ❤️

We may not be able to go off road, but we can pack bicycles or even a scooter into the car, which, as we have already tested, fits in the trunk.

scooter in the car


It has already served us as a travel van,

transporter (we've moved twice + store assortment and furniture moving),

buisness car, and much more...!

candies in the car

food in the car

The best thing is that it burns up to 3 times less fuel than other cars of this size!

The fact is - it doesn't have much power, but we didn't care about the power.

We don't mind that it picks up the speed a little slower, it's just not a race car.

It was our first car and I am incredibly surprised how perfectly we've chosen - Mi Amor did! 😅

sleeping in the car

⬇️ Purchase summary and car details ⬇️

✔️ Peugeot 5008 - 1.6 - Trendy

✔️ Year: 2012

✔️ Price: $7030

✔️ Engine Capacity: 1598 ccm

✔️ The Transmission: manual

✔️ Drive: front-wheel

✔️ Fuel Consumption: 6 l/100km

✔️ Body Type: minivan

✔️ Number Of Doors: 5

legs outside the car window

Let me know in the comment - which car do you recommed?


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