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What To See In Paphos, Cyprus - Interesting Places | TOP 5 ATTRACTIONS

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

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Are you going to Paphos and wondering what to see in there?

Here are the TOP 5 must-see attractions while in Paphos, Cyprus!


1. Coral Bay Beach

Coral Bay Beach is the most popular beach in Paphos, Cyprus -

calm with soft sand and clear water.

There are toilets, a bar and showers on Coral Bay Beach,

so you can easily spend the whole day there.

palm trees at the beach

2. Tombs of the Kings & Archaeological

Site of Nea Paphos

The Tombs of the Kings in Paphos have been listed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage

since 1980.

Apparently, the Royal Tombs did not really belong to the Kings,

but to the political elite back at the days.

As was often the case in the tombs, valuable items were buried with the bodies, which in this case were plundered before the arrival of archaeologists in Cyprus.


Interesting Fact

Professional archaeological research began here only in the 1970s!


tombs of the kings

The archaeological park of Nea Paphos is a great attraction in Cyprus, which is also listed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

In the area of the ancient city, we can see among others: mosaics from the House of Dionysus, Theseus's Villa or House of Aion!

The archaeological park

3. Paphos Harbour and Port

A must-see attraction of Paphos - the promenade and Avenue of Poseidon.

It looks most beautiful during the sunset.

In the port of Paphos you will find bars, restaurants, gift shops.

harbour with boats

4. Paphos Castle

Paphos Castle is located on the promenade in the harbor

(also listed in the UNESCO world cultural heritage.)

We did not decide to go inside, due to the limited time, and from what we knew, it is worth visiting the castle only because of the views from above.


5. The Paphos old town (Ktima)

It is a good direction for a walk during which there is an opportunity to visit several museums and see the church of Agios Kendeas.


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Let me know in the comment - which place did you liked the most?


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