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Venice on a budget in 72 hours | Italy

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE!

In May this year I came to Poland from my adventure on the Canary Islands and after a month of holiday I started to miss traveling, A LOT!

I was searching on the Internet for cheap flights, trains, buses - literally anything that would be on budget.

Venice canal gondola

Checking all the time, a perfect match finally appeared:


Without hesitation, I bought a ticket for my Venice on a budget adventure (such an opportunity in June is a treat).

I've spent 3 days in Venice and the total cost of this trip was 305€.

Girl in gondola Venice Italy


  • Scuola Grande di San Marco                 

  • Ponte dei Sospiri                                                                     

  • The Basilica dei Santi Giovanni e Paolo                                               

  • St Mark's Basilica                                                           

  • Murano

vinice canal murano boats

PRICES: Prices are not relatively high for those who want to eat in Venice on budget,


BREAKFAST by the Venetian Canal for 8€.

LUNCH in the restaurant for one person with a drink for 20.

SNACKS (e.g. a large piece of pizza) approximately 3.

boats in venice murano canals


  • For such a short trip, it is worth taking your own food with you. You can save a lot of money! (e.g. rice waffles, instant soups, sandwiches, etc.)    


  • Hydrating is VERY IMPORTANT so water bottle with filter is a must have!                                                    

  • Being in Venice, it is obvious that we want to have a ride on the Gondola. The price is 100€, regardless of the number of people. I recommend to wait by the gondola and gather more people to join, then the costs are divided into the number of passengers and instead of spending 100€, you can spend only 20€.                                                                                                   

  • From the airport it is cheaper to take a bus (approx. 8€) than a boat (approx. 15€)                   

  • Hotel, contrary to stereotypes - THE CLOSER TO THE CENTER, THE CHEAP!

I've booked a hotel on the Internet before departure, but I couldn't find it upon arrival.

I've tried to communicate with the receptionist in any language, trying to find my way in Venice labyrinth... after a few hours of searching I just gave up...

I've walked all over Venice from the place where I've got off the bus to St. Mark in search of a hotel at a decent price.

Everywhere, it was around 100€ per night... After some time, I finally got it!

10 minutes walk from St. Mark, a hotel with a beautiful room at the price of 60€ per night.

  •  Sightseeing by boat (15€) - I recommend it when you have seen everything that can see by walk.    

  • It is also worth buying a souvenir (if someone wants it) at a distance of about 10 minutes from St. Mark.        


  • If you are going in the summer season, you have to be prepared for very sultry weather!                                                                                                                                              

  • It is better not to move without a map. Venice is well known for its beautiful streets, which are very winding and easy to get lost in. The numbering of the buildings will not help you because even the citizens of Venice are not able to follow it, as they explained to me...                       


  • To save money on a excursions, you can join groups (incognito) to learn about the history of a given monument or place, i did it!

Blonde gitl in venice

If only such an opportunity arises, it is definitely worth visiting this city because of its beauty and unusual character,

as well as the history that is amazing!


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