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Travel Blog Introduction

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Welcome y'all! Let me introduce youy to my travel blog!

Probably many of you dream of traveling the world,

but that's not always possible due to the budget...

On my travel blog I would like to break the stereotypes about the fact that you have to spend a fortune on traveling,

you need this and that... no!

Traveling has no limits!

Traveling is freedom!

Once you understand it, you'll see that there are no barriers.

Introduction of an author of a travel blog 😎

At the age of 18, I thought to Catch The PLANE & Get INSANE,

and I flew to the Islands in search of myself.

My brother gave me the idea to try to work as a Hotel Entertainer.

I went through a 3 -day training in Wroclaw and then after sending few applications to Spanish agencies I was accepted for Ibiza!

Girl swimming in the blue lagoon

After 3 years of living out of a suitcase,

changing countries, islands, cultures, surroundings,

not only have I found myself, but aswell:

  • I've met amazing people!

  • I've made a lot of friends!

  • I've expanded my knowledge (in every field)!

  • I've got to know different languages and cultures!

  • I've learned independence and independence!

...and much more!

Balearic Island Beach Ibiza

I've learned to reach for my dreams
and I hope I'll inspire you to do the same!

Girl on the island hitchhiking



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