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Torun on a budget in 24 hours | Poland

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

In July I went to Torun for my 2 days on budget adventure.

Poland is a beautiful and varied country when it comes to the beauty of nature and monuments.

Such a quick trip cost me a total of 45€.

girl in torun poland


Transport - I've paid PLN 22 for a round-trip journey with on the route Czestochowa -> Torun.

Accommodation - in my case, I was visiting a friend, but as far as I know, you can find a hotel even for a 14. Board - you can have a lunch or dinner in a good restaurant for 8 with a drink.


  • Bring with you a comfortable shoes (Torun is a medieval city which is mostly paved.

  • Bring with you a good camera to capture the magic of the city in high quality.


  • The Nicolaus Copernicus' House

  • The Living Museum of Gingerbread

  • Town Square - Old Town

  • Nicolaus Copernicus Monument

  • The Town Hall

  • Planetarium

  • The Leaning Tower

[FUN FACT] Torun is one of the largest bat refuges in Poland. There are 400-600 bats and barbastelles living in the city, protected because of their useful role, which is eating huge amounts of mosquitoes.

A beautiful city definitely worth a visit! 💗


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