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The Perfect Gift For A Traveler! +40 IDEAS

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

The Perfect Gift For A Traveler! +40 IDEAS

Buying gifts is never an easy thing, but don't worry!

I will share some ideas with you and help you understand this gift rush 🎁

travel equipement

Remember When Buying A Gift For A Traveler

1. It should fit in a suitcase

When a traveler buys something new, they always has the weight and size of the item in mind. Therefore, in this case - "the smaller the better".

2. Should be useful

When traveling, one learns how to be a minimalist. Therefore, a traveler will not buy, for example, knee-high boots that will match a coat or trousers,

but trappers that will be comfortable for traveling, climbing, cold, heat, rain, sand, etc...

3. It should match one's style

Each of us has our own style, preferences.

Some people dress more elegantly and "neatly" on a daily basis - others prefer casualness and "artistic disorder".

Some people particularly like hats, others like sweatshirts.

For some, the most important thing is "money, a cart and a room", for others "peace, love and happiness".


How To Find The Perfect Personalized Gift?

Don't be fooled into thinking "Because I know her/him", mistake!

The traveler is constantly changing, with each journey, each month, each week, and even each day.

When someone says "Only a month has passed, everything is the same, nothing has changed", for the traveler his whole life can change during that month! Traveler saw new places, met new people, new cultures, traditions, discovered features in himself that he did not know yet - he saw the world once again, from a different perspective, with a different mentality.

Therefore, if we want the perfect gift, we need to carefully observe the person.

- You can look through their posts on social media, which will certainly give us an idea of what has been happening in their lives recently.

- Ask what book they have read recently, what will they tell us, whether they are in a romantic, a dreamer, a theoretician mood lately.

- Ask them for 2-3 movies they would recommend watching, which will reveal their personality a bit.

- Ask discreetly about the things they might need, what they would like to buy if it weren't for the budget?

book on the beach

What Is Better NOT To Buy?

Never assume that just because you like something, someone else should too.

There are a few things that it is better to avoid if we are not sure that it is 100% the traveler's style.

If you take the risk of buying something from the following categories, you will most likely only lose money.

- Clothes

- Perfume

- Cosmetics

[TIP] Often, when we have something small and inexpensive in our hands, we feel stupid giving someone such a gift, but that's not the right way of thinking in this case!

A traveler can be much happier with something that cost $5, but is useful and a hit, than with something that cost $150 and is nice, but will never be useful to him.

packing bag

5 Ideas For A PRACTICAL Gift

Solar Power Bank

1. Solar Power Bank

 Portable Memory Drive

2. Portable Memory Drive

travel Heater

3. Travel Heater

Belly Bag

4. Belly Bag

Bottle With Filter

5. Bottle With Filter

10 Ideas For A CHEAP Gift

travel journal

1. Traveler Journal


passport case

2. Passport Case



3. Loose Tea


Emargency Alarm

4. Emargency Alarm


Travel Neck Pillow

5. Travel Neck Pillow


essential oils

6. Essential Oils


open book

7. Book


Multifunctional pocket knife

8. Multifunctional Pocket Knife


Glasses case

9. Glasses Case


Travel mug

10. Travel Mug


25 Ideas For The BEST Gift

Travel organizer for cosmetics

1. Travel organizer for cosmetics


2. Compass


3. GoPro


4. Socks

 Writing Utensils

5. Writing Utensils

Travel stickers

6. Travel Stickers

Bamboo Toothbrush

7. Bamboo Toothbrush


8. Ukulele

Wireless speaker

9. Wireless Speaker

Camera tripod

10. Camera Tripod

Tea infuser

11. Tea Infuser

Travel backpack

12. Travel backpack

Sleeping Mask

13. Sleeping Mask


14. Photos

Waterproof watch

15. Waterproof watch

Travel First Aid Kit

16. Travel First Aid Kit


17. Dreamcatcher

Quick-drying towel

18. Quick-Drying Towel

Travel clothesline

19. Travel Clothesline


20. Pareo


21. Vitamins

Decorative lights

22. Decorative Lights

Laundry bag

23. Laundry Bag


24. Polaroid

Travel organizer

25. Travel Organizer

🎁 Those are my gift suggestions. 🎁

As a traveler, I would be happy with each of them, so I assure you that none of the above should be a miss.

Also remember that DIY ideas are always great because they include your time, commitment and expression of how important the person is to you.

👇 👇 👇

Let me know in the comment - what you came up with? I'm waiting for comments, messages and photos of your gift idea!


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