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Should I Buy Travel Insurance Or Not?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

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As far as I know, this is always a controversial issue, especially for young travelers or those who do not want to waste unnecessary money:

"Should I buy travel insurance or not?"

I admit that I bought insurance for the first time only this year

(apart from EU insurance during internships in Great Britain, but then it was a school requirement; if it weren't for this fact, I wouldn't have bought it 😄).

Until now, I hadn't even thought about insurance.

I flew carefree, being insured locally by my employer, not thinking about the time on the journey, until 2020 - this year, due to the pandemic, I decided to buy insurance for the first time.

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Why is it worth buying travel insurance?

♦️ First of all, I do need to overthing and worry about scenarious that could have happen.

And if you are a brave person who is not afraid of anything and takes life spontaneously

(this was my case),

then do not do it for yourself, but for your loved ones who will not be financially burdened in the event of an accident or incident.

♦️ Secondly, this is not only about accidents or treatment, but also about situations beyond our control, such as:

- losing luggage that we take with us on a trip or purchase during a trip.

- when we have to return from a trip for important reasons, such as the death of a relative, unexpected hospitalization of a relative or damage to property.

♦️ In most offers, the insurer provides medical transport to the country in the event of an accident.

♦️ When, for example, you bump into a cyclist and destroy his bike, or without looking ahead you throw a photographer's camera into the ocean, good insurance will reimburse you.

♦️ For those who do not know the language, a well-selected insurer also offers the help of a translator if necessary.

♦️ It is more profitable to pay this small amount for insurance than to get into debt due to an uninsured accident (in my case it cost me 10$ for 6 days with a really satisfactory insurance coverage).

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Overall, I can say one thing - I recommend it.

A year ago I wouldn't even think about it, but in the current situation related to COVID-19, my eyes have been opened to aspects that I previously didn't care as much as I should.

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The costs of treatment abroad are high.

In the United States, only a visit in the doctor's alone costs $100.

and in Europe, depending on the country, within €50, not to mention what happens when a doctor diagnoses something...

The most common accidents occur in the least expected situations and the least expected illnesses can ruin our journey.


How to choose a travel insurance?

Look for those:

- MOST IMPORTANTLY, does it cover personal accident insurance

- does it covers hospitalization

- does it takes into account the cost of eventual treatment

- does it covers transport to the country in the event of an accident

- as an addition, whether it includes luggage insurance


I hope I helped you make a decision or made you realize why it is worth buying travel insurance. 😊

Let me know in the comment - do you use a travel insurance?


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