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Playa Del Jablillo - Costa Teguise | Lanzarote

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

The best beach for snorkeling in Costa Teguise on Lanzarote?

Of course Playa Del Jablillo!

beach and the volcano

It is a rocky beach with a bit of sand as well,

which is a perfect place for those who want to admire the marine life.

Its clean water makes it super easy to observe fishes, there's a lot!

Awesome is that the fishes are not scared at all, you can even touch them!

girl in the ocean

Close by you'll find bars and restaurants,

SPAR if you'll need snacks or water,

restrooms, shops etc...

man in the restaurant

Great thing about the beach is that if you'll get bored (which is impossible)

or you'd like to lay down on the sand instead of tiny rocks,

right next to Playa Jablillo you have another beach - Playa Bastian.

It is usually crowded because it is right in front of the hotel,

but hey, most of the beaches are like that!

beer at the beach

Don't forget your snorkeling mask!

Check it out yourself and let me know in the comment - how did you like it?


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