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Oslo on a budget in 24 hours | Norway

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Catch The PLANE & Get INSANE

girl with the map and norwegian flag

A month before the departure (July) I found an offer on to Oslo (for August) at price 27€ round-trip. 

I bought the tickets without hesitation!

My only concern about prices, was at the arrival...

Even if it was only a 2 day trip, it's well known Norway is a very expensive country and it is difficult to travel on a budget.

But I think I managed the costs pretty well!

The total cost of my adventure was 135€!

girl in the hat looking at the map

How did I make it possible?

Two most important tips:

  1. OSLO PASS - It is a free pass to most of the museums, free public transport and many discounts on price of 40€ (24h). It is perfect solution for those who wants to see Oslo on a budget.

  2. BOARD - Bring 100% of your own food, prices in Oslo are crazy!

The pace was fast but not crazy.

2 days were enough to visit many places, but if I had to recommend something,

I would recommend a trip for at least 3 days.

24 hours wasn't enough time to visit everything on the list, although I have seen a lot.

In Oslo the public transport is perfect - the metro, trolleys and buses run around very often.

norwegian port


  1. Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower (the most beautiful ski tower in the WORLD)

  2. The Vigeland Park 

  3. The Fram Museum

  4. The Oslo Opera House

  5. The Oslofjord

  6. Crouse on Akerselva river

  7. Karl Johans gate (the main street)

norway garden


The prices are shocking, here are few examples:

  • Ticket bought on a train (airport -> city center) - 273 NOK (24)

  • Chocolate bar - NOK 43 (3,80)

  • Croissant  - NOK 39 (3,40)

  • Coffee - NOK 39 (3,40)

  • CocaCola 250ml - NOK 29 (2,50)

  • Mineral water 250ml - NOK 27 (2,30)

norway ferries and boats


  1. Stock up on food before departure (sandwiches, toasts, instant cups, rise waffles). This will save you tens of euros and a lot of time.

  2. Hydrating is VERY IMPORTANT so water bottle with filter is a must have!        

  3. Buy the Oslo Pass already at the airport to save on a ticket from the airport to Oslo (write an hour on the train - this will give you more time to use the card's privileges)

  4. Prepare 420 NOK (36€) for a fjords cruise. Oslo Pass, unfortunately, does not cover it, and you definitely have to do it while in Scandinavia! (Cruise time is 3 hours)

  5. To save up time on returning to the hotel it is good idea to take a backpack that we can carry with us.

  6. When planning the journey, it is worth checking the forecast of the northern lights so we don't miss that spectacular view!

  7. Before the trip to places we want to see, check opening hours and a ferry timeline in case if it is necessary to travel by ferry.

  8. The weather changes in the blink of an eye - waterproof shoes, and a rain jacket.

girl biting the tongue

The Norwegians are very nice, willing to help, trustful, cheerful and positive.

The trip to Oslo completely surprised me!

girl crossing the street

A country completely different from the rest of Europe ❤


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