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Natural Handmade Bee Wax Candles

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

A new tab "Shop" has appeared on the blog, where you will find natural handmade bee wax candles of my production.

beewax candles ctplane

Why I've decided to add to Catch the PLANE & get INSANE

candles, and what do they have to do with travel?

Well, myself, traveling for the last 7 years, I was attached to this little one

"peace" of home and I would like to share my feelings,

so you can understand why.

Wherever I was in the world, I always had a candle by my bed which allowed me to feel at least a bit of home warmth.

I started traveling at a fairly young age, when I was only 18.

I went out into the world, alone, like a sailor looking for an adventure,

and the candle was my lighthouse, where my ship sailed in the evenings after a turbulent voyage in unknown waters.

I admit that at the beginning this element of the journey was just a habit, to be able to spend the evening with tea and a flame.

Over time, however, this time fueled by flame has become more than just a routine,

it has become a special moment...

canlde lavender viyage

Today, a candle itself brings on my mind relaxation, from my experiences, because just when I had a moment for myself between adventure and work, I relaxed by the candle, whether on the beach in the Canary Islands, whether in a hammock in the mountains of California or in Connecticut by the lake.

Unknowingly, I managed to close my travels in a jar.

Each scent was associated with a specific place,

each flame encoded a specific moment in memory

and each candle became a chest of memories.

canlde jasmin wave ctplanee

That's why Catch the PLANE & get INSANE candles are no ordinary candles - each one has its own magic; different for me, different for you, but unique for everyone, and that's because you create it yourself.

My candles were created out of love for life and respect for mother nature,

which is why I recommend it to everyone with a pure heart, guaranteeing that you will not find two same candles, and what is the most beautiful, you will make them unique and unrepeatable.

candle tea tree island ctplane


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