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Meditation Changed My Life

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Have you ever wondered what meditation is really about?

What is it and what does it do? Or maybe you wanted to try, but you always ended up losing your concentration and as a result your intention fell away over time?

Using my example and the examples of people I know, I will convince you that meditation can change and heal everything, and make you attract only positive events and people!

Meditation changed my life.


First of all, I would like to start with an anecdote from my life.

In 2016, my neurologist told me that I had the beginnings of anxiety.

In 2009 I had a slight heart attack, a tiny one.

While playing basketball, my heart suddenly began to tremble, my vision went dark and I've blacked off for w moment. After this incident, it happened several more times over the course of several years. It usually happened during sports or excercise, and since I drank quite large amounts of energy drinks, I thought they were the cause of the attacks, so I didn't even share what was happening with anyone.

In 2014, my friends and I went on a trip to the forest outside the city, where, due to an attack, my mother had to quickly pick me up and we went to the hospital. All the results were perfect, but the doctor prescribed me pills to take in the event of such an attack.

Since 2015, it has started to intensify. It ahappened more often and was stronger.

It got to the point that one day when I was working in Lanzarote, I fainted during a rehearsal. In the same season, not long after this incident, I was unable to fully participate in the show and therefore unable to perform my job properly. My boss send me to a cardiologist, whom I was unable to see due to personal reasons.

In 2016, when I arrived in Poland, between my trips, I went to a party.

I walked in, sat down at the table, and then out of nowhere, I was hit with an incredibly powerful attack like never before. I didn't have those pills with me, everyone was panicked and didn't know what to do. One friend who was sitting next to me thought I was dying, literally. Fortunately, I was not far from home, so I told them to call my mother, who immediately showed up with the pills and escorted me home.

She measured my blood pressure, which was alarmingly high, and my heart rate was twice the norm.

The next day I was supposed to go to work in France. I got up, gathered myself and headed to the station. On the way, another attack. We turned around and unfortunately I couldn't go anymore...

My stay in Poland has been extended...

I went to doctors and specialists, had all kinds of tests, Holter monitors, and finally I was suspected of aortic valve regurgitation...

One day, my mother took me to a neurologist. I described the symptoms in detail and without hesitation the lady gave me a diagnosis (which, of course, I did not agree with, because I had always been calm, me and anxiety? pfff... no, nooo...) The doctor prescribed me a treatment and shortly after that I went for my kind of treatment - adventure. Attacks continued to occur, although with less intensity.

Since I have been meditating, I have never had an attack, and when I feel it is close, I am able to completely rule it out.

Meditation healed me!

girl with an open arms

What Is Meditation?

Many people confuse meditation with self-hypnosis, which is a huge mistake.

During meditation, we are completely aware and have full control over our mind, unlike self-hypnosis, where we change our state of consciousness and enter an unconscious trance.


What Is The Purpose Of Meditation?

"Control your thoughts, ommm..."


The goal is not to control your thoughts, but to master the art of letting your thoughts flow slowly while you passively observe them. We see it but do not touch it, like a waterfall that we admire from a distance but we do not go under its stream.

We don't control it, we just don't let it control us.

Meditation is about striving for total presence in a given moment - experiencing it, feeling it.


When Can I Say That I Have Achieved This Goal?

Successful meditation is an individual matter.

For me, the first session that really connected me to the present moment while freeing my mind took place after about 8 months of regular meditation. It was something amazing, indescribable in words, unique.

Each meditation has its own unique character and is irreplaceable, but the first one is remembered for a long time.

You may think that you have already mastered the art of meditation, but in fact you will still be far from your goal. But when you actually succeed, you will know exactly when it happened.

I'm sure of it.

ging meditation bell

How To Start Meditating?

There are many ways:

through previous training in books, audiobooks, guides...

I started with YouTube, probably the best option. I remember it like it was yesterday.

I've never been a morning person (I still am not), but one day while working in Connecticut I got up at 5 a.m., took the mat, my phone and went to the lake by myself, not really knowing what I was going to do.

It was during my first adventure in the United States.

There was a lot going on, it was hard for me, and the idea of meditation came out of nowhere.

I wanted to do morning yoga, but I don't know why I entered "meditation" in the search engine.

I clicked the first video I saw, put on my headphones, sat down in a lotos pose and started.

I was listening and following the instructions given by the speaker. After the first few-minute session, I felt relaxed, but also disappointed, this was not how I had imagined this magical meditation.

After time, after filling in the gaps in my knowledge on the subject and regular practice, I understood that when undertaking meditation you cannot expect anything, you just need to be present.


How Can Meditation Change Your Life?

First of all, nothing will connect us to our inner self like meditation.

We find our true selves and experience peace in its purest form.

The change we can notice depends only on ourselves;

depending on the time and commitment we put into this path.


Each of us has worries, some level of stress and fears. Everyone.

Even those who vehemently deny it (like I once did).

Some more, some less, but we all experience it.

Meditation helps soothe fears by accepting them and finding the true source, which can sometimes be very different from what we consider to be the main source.

It helps us understand each of the emotions we feel. A bit like studying yourself. We undergo full observation, initially break down situations into prime factors, and then analyze each of them with exceptional accuracy. Over time, the situation turns into an analysis of the present day, then into another stage of life, and over time into our entire existence.


Meditation Opens Our Intuition, Our Third Eye.

Everyone has this gift, but it is a gift that must be developed and nurtured.

Neglected, it weakens.

Personally, I have trusted my intuition for as long as I can remember.

It led me down unwanted paths more than once, but it never let me down. There was always a reward or lesson waiting at the end of every trail.

During my journey, I developed and improved it, following it every day.

I can say that it was my survival instinct and I am sure that it saved me from many dangers.

When I started meditating and focusing even more on my third eye, I noticed what an amazing connection we can achieve between the universe and individual energy.

Let's assume that I used 40% of my intuition on a daily basis, and during meditation I was able to activate it up to 80%.

More than once, in this way, during meditation, I managed to make difficult decisions, such as choosing a life, professional or emotional path.

third eye

Meditation Heals

Not only the mind, but also the body.

Remember that it is our mind that controls the body, not our body and mind.

Therefore, a person can really do a lot and go beyond the "norms" assigned to us. Fever, migraine, neuralgia, or just pain in general? Meditation will deal with this.

More than once I managed to soothe a migraine through meditation or reduce a fever, which was very shocking to me the first time. I felt like I had supernatural powers!

The best thing is that each of us has it, we just have to reach for it.

Neuralgia is a new condition for me, as it appeared at the beginning of this year, so I first had to understand and analyze it before I could help myself. After some time, during moving meditation, I managed to locate the source of the neuralgia and soothe it.

It is important to remember that meditation does not work like an antibiotic that we take once for a certain period of time, after which we recover and no longer have to deal with pain or illness. Meditation is a daily path that will lead us to our goal and keep us in shape only if we are systematic and conscientious. Any break or deviation from this path will cost us several huge steps back.


However, it depends very much on your attitude. If we have a resistant mind and are realistic, a skeptical attitude will certainly be a big obstacle for someone who wants to start meditation. This group will definitely have a harder time than dreamers who have an open mind and vivid imagination.

However, I have advice for the first group - Joseph Murphy's book "The Power of the Subconscious Mind" has changed the lives of many people I know, including mine.

book coffe and glasses

Personally, I believe that meditation can heal everything. All.

Besides, it seems to me that the perfect proof is, for example, the culture and life of the Monks.

Amazing Monks From The Shaolin Monastery

I will use the example of Shaolin Monks, because their abilities and strength of spirit have been surprising people all over the world for a long time.

Lying on a spear, walking on broken glass, drinking boiling water - it's trivial for them, nothing special. They are capable of anything, and in times of pain... they feel no pain. One monk sat in a bowl of boiling oil over a fire without feeling any pain, thus showing people the power of his faith.


Monks train their bodies and minds from an early age, and in life this hard work results in the amazing temple they create inside themselves.

Despite their small size, they have great strength.

They are, for example, capable of piercing glass with a needle thrown from their hand.

Standing on one index finger while holding their entire body weight for 10 seconds or cutting wooden boards by throwing playing cards is quite average for them.

Monks eat mainly plant foods, train several hours a day, EVERY DAY, and have more strength than the best athletes. From the point of view of today's athletes, they should not have any chance "on the ring" (including due to the meatless diet combined with exhausting training). In reality, the athlete would have no chance against the Monk.

How is it possible? A large part of Shaolin Monks' training is meditation.

They start at an early age and develop throughout their lives by practicing daily.

monk meditating

Why Almost Every Traveler Meditates?

While browsing some blogs or travel profiles, have you ever wondered whether it is true that so many travelers meditate? If this is true, why do almost all travelers meditate? Is it just posing for photos to sell?

I think meditation is an essential part of travelers' lives. Sooner or later, everyone who lives a journey will come across meditation and surrender to its magic.

Travel is freedom. It's about finding yourself and getting to know yourself.

Meditation is freedom. It's about finding yourself and understanding yourself.

Do you see this similarity?

That is why every traveler encounters meditation in some way and in most cases sticks to it.

Also, most of the photos of bloggers in the lotus pose are not taken for marketing purposes, but simply reflect the nature of the profile.

girl meditating

Benefits Of Meditation

Calms down

Reduces stress

Treats neuralgia

Cures diseases

Soothes migraines

Improves well-being

Helps you make decisions

Helps you find yourself

Increases creativity

Brian Tracy quoted a fragment in one of his books:

"The law of attraction says that you attract things into your life that harmonize with your dominant thoughts."

...and this is what meditation can facilitate.


+ I want to share with you one of my favourite guided meditation

"Abundance Meditation" by Bob Proctor

If you already meditate, share your best session in the comment!

If you are just starting out, tell me what made you start?

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Aug 15, 2023

Cześć, zaczęłam nagrywać medytacje. Jeśli znalazłbyś/znalazłabyś chwilę aby posłuchać i ocenić, byłabym wdzięczna i przeszczęśliwa. Miłego dnia 😊

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