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Layover - 5 Things To Do

Updated: Feb 14

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

If you've had the opportunity to travel abroad a few times, surely you've experienced layovers, whether short or long (unless you've been lucky enough to fly direct).

So, what to do? Here are 5 Things To Do while layover!


I've had a few nights spent at the airport and several-hour layovers between flights,

so I'd be happy to share my ways to spice up the time!

① Mindset

If you think "Oh no! So many hours at the airport, what will I do?!", you'll only make the situation worse. The first thought upon hearing about a layover should be: "Oh, great! It's an opportunity to do a few things!"

girl with the lagguage at the airport

In my case I am always excited because I have the time to edit my content or work on blog posts.

② Movie or Book

If you brought a book or laptop with you, or have an audiobook to listen to, this is the perfect time!

Notebook and a phone case and palm trees

It is also a way to buy yourself a suvenir at the airport - book in foreign language.

③ Sightseeing

If your layover is longer than 4 hours and the airport is in a good location, why not leave?

After all, nobody forces us to wait for the flight at the airport.

Unfortunately, you can't always leave your luggage everywhere, but worst-case scenario, you can take it with you.

Public transportation between the airport and the city center is usually very good, so instead of spending, for example, 10 hours sitting and wondering what to do, it's better to catch a bus and go to the city!

girl in the port

I did it when I had a landover in Denmark, on my way to California and it was a perfect break while traveling - I went out and just walked until I've reached a small port, it was avout 20 minutes walk from the airport.

④ Making Connections

Say what you want, but this is the perfect time to make connections!

I love that everything here at the airport is so... sincere, genuine.

Girl on the plane with a window seat

For example, when I was flying to Mallorca, I was supposed to have a layover in Germany, but since the flight from Poland was delayed, I didn't make it to the connecting flight and had to wait for over 12 hours at the Dusseldorf airport. I met two couples around 50-60 years old from Germany, with whom I spent about 2-3 hours, and then two ladies from across the ocean and one German couple who took care of me overnight. I'm a heavy sleeper, and once I fell asleep it is difficult for me to wake up, it's a good thing they did, and what's more, they had previously saved a spot for me in line, thanks to which I made it to the plane.

⑤ Sleeping

Most airports have these little rooms, like hostels. The price for using them is roughly around €20, what I believe is a nice price for a nap more comfortable than sleeping on the floor.


Usually, airports also have good food!

hamburger with an american flag

How to be prepared?


Even though it's the 21st century, technology, etc., for me, it's not surprising anymore that some airports don't have sockets at all. That's why a portable power bank will be a great backup plan for layovers.


If you plan to work, which requires the internet, I advise you to get a potrable Wi-Fi because it may happen that you'll connect to airport's Wi-Fi for 20 minutes, and then you'll have to pay €60 for the next 2 hours.


What's funny - throughout my traveling life (years), I dragged around that heavy bag + carry-on luggage + backpack... Until 2016 when I discovered that you could take a cart for all of it...

Don't be like me, make your travel easier!


I always have something to eat with me while traveling, so if you have a connecting flight, it's worth making yourself at least 2 sandwiches just in case, because we all know the prices of food at the airports...

airplane on the airport

Let me know in the comment - what do you do during layover?


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