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5 Ways To Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Too many of solo travelers run the risk of falling victim to pickpockets.

Have you ever wondered how to travel safely?

Where to keep your money safe while traveling so that no one steals it?

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There are a few basic rules to start with:

Rule #1

Never keep important things together.

Money separate from cash - ID separate from passport.

In this way, we give ourselves a chance that even if, for example, a backpack with a passport and a card was stolen, we still have cash and an ID that were somewhere else.


Rule #2

We always keep money and documents at the front, never at the back.

Front pocket, waist bag, chest bag or backpack.

This way we always have more control over what's going on.

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Rule #3

At all costs, we try not to keep money in a backpack or bag.

This is the first target of pickpockets.

girl in the cave

Rule #4

The closer to the body, the better.

It will be much harder to steal something that is under the clothes

than something that is on the clothes.



Here are 5 proven ways

to keep your money safe while traveling! 💲

1. In The Shoe

Some of the cash that we will not need on a given day can be wrapped in a bag or aluminum foil and hidden under the insoles.


2. In A Travel Money Belt

A brilliantly thought-out gadget, practical and not expensive!

travel money belt

3. Iside The Lipstick

If we have any old lipstick, we can clean it up,

roll up the money and hide it inside.

money in the lipstick

4. Iside The Deodorant

As above, we empty the container, we clean it up and we put the cash inside.

Extremely useful for people staying in hostels or tents.

money in the deodorant

5. In The Bra

As we Ladies know, it is a very useful piece of clothing,

which can also be used as a safe place to keep the cash.

bra pocket

Do you have your own proven methods?

Or maybe you will try one of mine?

Let me know in the comments!


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