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TOP 5 Best Campsites in Poland

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

If you are looking for a place to stay when traveling by car or RV in Poland,

here are the best campsites in Poland that we can recommend you in 2021!

1. "Natura"

Dąbki, Darłowo

Our TOP 1 this year is definitely "Natura" campsite in Dąbki.

We are the type of people who like to spend time together, away from civilization and the hustle,

but at the same time we like meeting new people.

Camping in Dąbki turned out to be perfect place to relax, rest,

regenerate and meet new interesting people.

campsite morning camper rv


  • Sanitary facilities inside the containers are new and clean (cleaned on a regular basis).

  • Good price considering the location and what the place has to offer.

  • 5 kilometers of private beach! Views like from the movie, and those sunsets...

  • A large tent in the form of a "canteen" with a TV set, available for campsite guests.

  • For some an advantage, for others a disadvantage - the distance from the city, hotels and everything. You have to drive 7km through the forest to get to the resort, which in our case turned out to be not only an additional advantage but also a kick towards physical activity. A walk to the city between the treetops, and the way back walking through the beach, perfect!

  • Public sink for washing dishes

  • Electricity for RVs.


  • Bar could have much more to offer. Bar is open until 9pm and prices are oky, but they only offer a few items that after a few days can get boring.

  • No attractions nearby if you like entertainment.

  • No public power outlets, nowhere to plug in your charger.

  • No kitchen space.

2. "U Kazia"

Koszelówka, okolice Płocka

We did not have the opportunity to spend more time at "Kazia's", because it was only our stopover on the way to the seaside. However, a short afternoon and a lazy morning convinced us that it is a very attractive place and we will definitely want to return there.

The whole thing, especially in the evening,

made us feel like we were transported to the 90's in a good way.

rvs in the forest


  • Big lake.

  • Polite travel environment.

  • There is also a bar with music and a BBQ on site.

  • Decent price.

  • There are other campsites around so you can meet more people.


  • Sanitary facilities were not at the highest level... When it comes to toilets - no toilet paper, unpleasant smell and no rules, for example, people coming out of the toilet with a cigarette. Small toilets without windows, queue to the toilets at all times. Mi Amor had entered the toilet after a man with a cigarette and has almost suffocated in the smoke.

Despite this, we are positive about the whole place, which's magic really made us feel like in the last decade of the past century.

3. "U Sikory"

Niedźwiady Małe, pod Licheniem

As in Koszelówka, here we were just passing through during our Easter trip in a polo-camper. The place and the owner are truly exceptional. I still remember the morning when I got out of the car and, standing on the wooden dock on the lake, looking into the distance, I admired the richness of the Chapel in Licheń, which was on the horizon.

lichen lake dock


  • Lake.

  • Pedal boats (if I'm not wrong).

  • Located in the middle of the village, away from the city = peace and quiet.

  • Decent price.


  • Men's toilets could be better maintained.

4. "Brzozowy Zakątek" [Birch Corner]

Olsztyn, Kraków-Częstochowa Upland

Not a typical large campsite, almost at the foot of the castle ruins.

About a five-minute walk away from the center.

Leaving the field in the opposite direction, the road leads through a beautiful meadow, straight into the forest, and behind you can clearly see the ruins of the castle.

A very pleasant vibe and a peaceful travel community.

Castle ruins in olsztyn poland


  • Great location.

  • Private and family atmosphere.

  • Kitchen in the gazebo.

  • Decent price.

  • Normal standard restrooms.


  • Coin shower.

  • Noise from the city at larger events.

Check out our first adventure together! 👇

5. "Jaszowiec"


We wouldn't go there as tent/car travelers.

If you have an RV, it can be a really great place for a longer stay.

As for the tent, the owner showed us places where we could set up but the ground was too wet to stick the pins. We ended up sleeping in a car crammed somewhere between the fence and the RVs.

On Sunday morning, around 7 am, a gentleman living in one of the RVs started to mow the grass, which did not allow us to fully enjoy the sounds of nature or rest...

couple in the tent


  • Located right by the Vistula River.

  • Located near the pedestrian and bicycle path leading to the center

  • Large area.

  • Bar available on site.

  • Quite well-kept and not crowded toilets.

  • Sockets for campsite guests.


  • Only long-term travellers.

  • Moisty ground.

  • No attractions on the campsite.

  • High price for what it has to offer.

In the area, by the river where we wanted to set our tent, there was a snake.

It would be normal when sleeping in the wild but if we decide on a campsite, place we pay for "shelter" and a general sense of security, we prefer not to have such surprises. =D

sleeping in the car

Let me know in the comment - which campsite would you choose?


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