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5 Interesting Differences | USA & Poland

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

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When I used to watch American movies, I didn't pay attention to the scenes

in which there was another socket or a microwave which was not popular in Polish homes. After visiting the United States, I realized how many small and large differences there are and I would like to share with you the 5 interesting differences between USA & Poland.

1. Toilet Flush

Even though I spent some time in the United States and lived there every day, it took me a long time to switch to a side flush handle, not an upper one.


Despite a habit that was difficult for me to fight, I think that in this situation the American version is better than the Polish one, why?

First of all, it seems more aesthetic to me.

Secondly, it is more practical.

Thirdly, in small bathrooms it guarantees additional space thanks to the unused upper part, which can be used without the need to install another cabinet.

small bathroom

2. Light Switch

In the United States, thre are a specific contacts that are literally just a click away.

light switch

I believe that Polish contacts are more aesthetic, but American ones are more comfortable, after all, Americans are quite comfortable and I love it! 😄

An additional difference I noticed is that in the United States these contacts are usually always at the same height, so no matter where you enter, you can automatically locate the switch, unlike in Poland, which are sometimes at head height, sometimes at waist height, sometimes at chest level, and sometimes elsewhere.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

You probably haven't even considered that we might have different vacuum cleaners in the US and in Poland, right?

vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, it may not be such a surprise, but imagine what a dream it would be for Polish housewives, for example, to have such a different, unique gem.

vacuum cleaner

When I saw one of these vacuum cleaners for the first time, of course in a modern form, I felt like I was playing in an old-school movie!

vacuum cleaner

In the United States, vertical vacuum cleaners have dominated for decades, while in Poland country, traditional horizontal vacuum cleaners have been common for decades.

They are rarely seen in the United States.

4. Public Restrooms

I remember the first time I got off at JFK airport and wanted to use the restroom, I felt very uncomfortable.

public restrooms

A typical public toilet in the USA is characterized by doors on hinges straight from a Western, where the gap between them and the floor is easily 30 cm, and movie scenes where when entering the toilet we see calves and trousers lowered to the ankles suddenly become a reality.

mens feet in the restroom

5. Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking water fountains are very popular in the United States, not only in large cities, but also in smaller ones.

water fountain drinking water

In Poland, unfortunately, it is not so widespread yet, it can only befound in some places that are more often visited by tourists or pilgrims.

In the United States, we have access to drinking water at every step, which is really great.

water bottle refill

These are some differences between the USA and Poland.

girl in the retro dinner

Let me know in the comment - Did any of the above surprise you?


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