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Must Do 2023

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

Another year is coming to an end,

so it's time to set goals and new Must do list for 2023! 🎆

I made a similar list for 2018 and I need to admit that

it was pretty motivating for me to achieve these goals!

I've managed to do 60% of the things on my list, pretty awesome!

emoji thumb up

For the upcoming year, I would like to focus more on Poland and the surrounding area,

to see places that I have not yet had the opportunity to see.


1. Start of the year in a place I love


2. Eye of the Sea (Morskie Oko)

morskie oko lake mountain

3. Balloon ride

balloon ride

4. Travel to Croatia

couple in the car checking the phone

5. Snowboard


6. Valley of Five Ponds (Dolina Pięciu Stawów)

dolina pieciu stawow lake in the mountain

7. Visit at least one castle


8. Kayaking


9. Gdansk and Gdynia

ship on the horizon

10. Organised excursion

bus on the road

This time I hope to realize it in 100%! 🔥


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