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Ustroń, Silesian Beskid | Poland

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

You are not an athlete, but you would like to spend your time actively and at peace at the same time? Ustroń, Silesian Beskid is a perfect destination for you!


Recently, we had more time off to travel and we knew one thing - mountain direction!

The first idea was to go to Pieniny Mountains, but we ended up in the Silesian Beskids.

tent views

We arrived on Saturday afternoon, set up a tent by the Vistula River on a camping site


vistula river poland

... and we spent the whole afternoon enjoying the sounds of nature.

man and woman in the tent

The sound of birds singing, a river flowing, the rustling of leaves moved by the wind

- what more could we want?

man crossing the lake

On the second day we went by walk to the center of Ustroń, which did not offer enough attractions to fill the whole day, so we quickly changed the direction to Czantoria.

man and woman

When we got there, we ate lunch in a restaurant at the foot of the mountain before "climbing". The prices are relatively high. We paid $8 for a one-course meal without a drink, but the views were so pleasant that the overpriced rate did not scare us.

man eating lunch

Getting up from the table where we had lunch and going up the stairs

we reached the ticket office, where you could buy different variants:

Regular ticket:

Up and down $7


One-way ticket $5

Entrance to Czantoria is FREE when you decide to climb instead of cableway.

czantoria ticket

When we've reached the top, we found several attractions, such as:

  • A place where you can buy a photo, which is taken while entering on the cable car

  • Luge track, which also operates in the summer

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

man and woman making heart

After the luge track, drink and dessert with beautiful mountain landscapes ahead of us, we were ready to move on!

girl climbing down the mountain

Going down, we are guided by the red trail, which leads nicely along the road under the treetops or the second road, which is the ski slope.

mountain view

A trip to Czantoria can be a several-hour attraction or you can make a day out of it.

In our case it was an adventure of several hours.

girl in the forest

Apart from Czantoria and Równica, we will also find other attractions here,

but these two are the most popular in Ustroń.

Heading a bit beyond the city center, you can take the chairlift to Palenice

or in the city you can go to the Source Of Healing Waters,

Forest Park of Suprises

or the Main Beskid Trail.

girl with the horse

Ustroń is the perfect place for a one- or two-day trip


a week's stay in one of the famous spas.

mountains graphic

Let me know in the comment - have you visit Ustroń yet?


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