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TOP 10 Things To Do In Santa Cruz, California | USA

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

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Apart from the fact that Santa Cruz is known as the city of surfers,

which I described in the post

it also has to offer attractions such as State Parks.

10 things to do in Santa Cruz, California:

1. Santa Cruz Boardwalk

It is nothing more than an amusement park located by the ocean.

More interestingly, it is the oldest amusement park founded in California!

If you travel with backpacks, like us, you can leave your things in a locker on the promenade, which can make it much easier for travelers to enjoy the charms of the city.

santa cruz beach boardwalk

2. Santa Cruz Beach

The beach, located right on the promenade, offers various activities.

For us one of the best activities was that we were lucky enough

to experience seals swimming with us.

santa cruz beach

3. Cowell Beach

A great place to learn surfing, where the waves are not too high,

and where seals accompany us on Santa Cruz beach.

The beach is only 1.5 km from the center, so it can also be a good destination for a walk.

santa cruz beach

4. Downtown Santa Cruz

Here you can find mostly restaurants, cafes, surf shops,

all together it creates a unique atmosphere.

downtown santa cruz

5. The Surfing Museum

I recommend visiting the surf museum, not only for surf fans but

for everyone who is in Santa Cruz.

We will find there documentation of the history of surfing dating back to the earliest years.

It is a tribute to Santa Cruz's contribution to surf culture.

santa cruz surfing museum

(Bianca Taylor/KQED)

6. Natural Bridges State Beach

A quiet beach where you can watch birds.

In the season you can even see migrating whales.

Natural Bridges State Beach

(Profesor Al Fichera Picture)

7. Capitola

The colorful houses on the beach are a must to stop to take some photos.

A charming little seaside town.

colorful houses

(Courtesy of Lux Blue -

8. Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Here we have crossed the borders of Santa Cruz, because the park is 22 miles away.

However, this oldest California State Park is worth a visit due to the fact that it has many waterfalls, various species of animals such as deer, raccoon, lynx and abundant birdlife - including jays, egrets, egrets and woodpeckers acorns.

girl on the pier

9. Wilder Ranch State Park

Beaches, a ghost town, historic houses, lakes, a lighthouse, museums, nature reserves and much more can be found here.

girl on the street

10. The Mystery Spot

A place that seems to defy gravity is a tourist attraction full of illusions!

mistery spot


when going to Santa Cruz make sure you have a spare bathing suit because you will spend most of your time wearing it. 😂

east santa cruz beach station

🔽 Check out our adventure in Santa Cruz! 🔽

And let me know in the comment - how did you like it?

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