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Staying True to Your Dreams: The Lonely Road

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Pursuing your dreams is never easy, especially when you decide to go on the journey alone.

As a solo traveler, I've faced countless challenges, moments of doubt, and the loneliness that comes with chasing my dreams. Through my journey, I've learned invaluable lessons about people, relationships, and staying true to myself.

This is a reflection on my experiences and the wisdom I've gained, aimed to inspire you to remain steadfast in your pursuit, regardless of what others say or do.

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My most memorable solo adventure

My most memorable solo adventure was my first time in Lanzarote back in 2015.

This adventure changed my life. I learned so much about people, how to let them in and how to let them go.

I realized that when you're working and traveling, changing places and environments, everything and everyone can be seasonal, not everyone will stay forever regardless how good friendship may seams like while you'tr together.

Did I ever feel lonely or doubt my journey during my travels?

YES, there were moments during my travels when I felt particularly lonely and doubted my journey. It usually happened when someone close to me, like a family member or a friend, questioned my motives and called me selfish. Their doubts made me question myself...

But I always overcame these feelings by talking to the one person who supported my dreams. Back then, it was my mother, and now it's my fiancé. They both believed in me and my dreams, pushing me through my doubts.

volcanic mountain lanzarote

Did I form deep connections with others during my solo travels?

During my solo travels, I formed deep connections with many people!

Some of these friendships have lasted, and we support each other's dreams no matter how crazy they seem. We believe that if something stirs our souls, it's a sign from the universe about our purpose.

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Lessons I've learned about people and relationships through solo travel

The biggest lesson I've learned about people and relationships through my solo travels is to trust carefully and always protect yourself emotionally. I've learned to be open for people but do not go into relationships with expectations. Regarding to this, last year I did the course about "International Leadership And Organizational Behaviour" that really helped me understand the cultural differences and how the same behaviours can mean something totally different in other countries.

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People who supported me the most while pursuing my dreams

The times I felt truly supported were thanks to my Mom and now my Fiancé. They helped me through my doubts and reminded me why my dreams are important. They believed in my strength to overcome moments of weakness.


What keeps me motivated when the journey gets tough and lonely

What keeps me motivated to continue pursuing my dreams, even when the journey gets tough and lonely, is remembering where I come from. When I think of myself 10, 15, or even 2 years ago, I know that my younger self would be proud of where I am now. This thought keeps me going and helps me stay focused on my dreams.


How do I stay true to myself despite the challenges

I always look inside myself and stay connected with God. I believe He places me where I am for a reason. In each place, I try to help others, even if it's just by talking to them. I try to make someone's day, week or even life at least a little better then I found them. Having feedback from people is the true fuel to my soul.

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What advice would I give to someone who feels unsupported or alone in their dreams

For anyone struggling to stay true to their dreams because they feel unsupported or alone, my advice is to write down your biggest dreams in a journal. When you feel weak, look back at your entries. You'll see that you are on the path to fulfilling your dreams, and sometimes you've already achieved more than you realized.

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Advice I'd tell my younger self before starting my solo adventures

If I could give my younger self one piece of advice before starting my solo adventures, it would be to trust the journey. Everything you did in life led you to the best place you could ever imagine. Stay true to your dreams, no matter how lonely the road may seem sometimes.

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Stay true to your dreams,

and don't let the opinions of others deter you from your path!


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