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Renting A Car On Fuertaventura | Canary Islands

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

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The most important information about renting a car on Fuertaventura:


to be able to rent a car.

You can drive anyway, it doesn't matter how long you have a driving livense,

but to rent a car you need to have a document for at least 2 years.

Car on the island

If you intend to rent a car, you need to be aware of additional costs to the basic price of the rental itself:

  1. VAT

  2. Insurance

  3. Deposit

We return the car with a full tank, so you also need to consider the cost of fuel.

I recommend you to tank over 20 liters, you will get a discount of a few euros. 👌

For 50€, depending on the car, you can have a full tank.

(Fuel prices for January 2023)

open road on the island

Before departure:

Remember to make sure that

the car locks itself, including the trunk,

the handbrake works,

the roof is opening (if equipped),

the lights work.

Be sure to have the phone number of a rental agent.

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Many people book a car before arriving on the island, which is a good idea,

especially during the holiday season, but if you do it in the off-season, it will also be fine and there will be plenty of cars.

It is only worth going to the car rental company in person,

because it can be harder to choose dates on the Internet.

girl on the island


In the evenings and at night, when

driving through the island you need to strain your eye tremendously due to the fact that

that there is no road lighting,

so the roads are very dark outside the towns.

During the daytime, lights are not required to be on.

Important is to turn the lights on when it gets dark.

car on the sunset volcan

If you want to rent a car in Fuertaventura,

you do not need an international driving license, as in some cases when to issue an international driving license you need to submit an application to the county office, pay and wait a few days...


Is it all clear now❓
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