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After Summer Camp -> New Jersey | USA

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

After Summer Camp -> New Jersey | USA

My 2018 American adventure at camp came to an end on September 2nd, after all I was devastated - mentally and physically, even though I hadn't done anything wrong.

I was supposed to travel around the United States until September 27th, but at the last minute I had to change the flight date to September 5th.

new yersey

Straight from the camp in Connecticut, I went with a friend to meet her traveling companions.

We got to Grand Central in New York and then took a bus to New Jersey.

train legs on the seat

Boys picked us up at the station and we went to their airbnb in the Colombian neighborhood.

Me and Kasita only spent one night there (for free), so we didn't have a chance to explore the area, but the boys said it was dangerous.

new jersey house

Apparently, when they were walking down the street, they heard someone shouting

"look, white people!"

children put their hands together in the shape of weapons and "shot" to them,

young people were sitting on the curbs drinking alcohol (and probably not only that)

and they were commenting like in a gangster movies.

new jersey

So... When we left our Airbnb...

My suitcase turned out to be so heavy that the guys had to help me pull it, plus I had my carry-on bags...


Not only was I really weak after the camp, but we didn't sleep much the night before.

The thought of traveling with this luggage brought tears to my eyes, literraly...

Once we miraculously arrived at Penn Station, I tried to come up with a plan of what to do while waiting for their bus to D.C.

I already knew that I would most likely fly out in 2 days, but I wasn't sure from where, whether from JFK in New York or Newark in New Jersey.

new jersey

When Kasita and the team left, I sat on the bench with tears in my eyes, I felt really powerless and, on top of that, I had limited funds because I had all my money in cash (in the US, everything is paid by card).

I called my friend who had been left the camp 2 months earlier.

She calmed me down, advised me what to do, I booked an airbnb for one night ($41),

phew - relief.

new jersey

I took an Uber (because of my heavy suitcase...) and for 11 bucks I got there

- Elizabeth.

elizabeth new jersey

I was so broken and confused that when the driver dropped me off, all I dreamed about was leaving this luggage somewhere as quickly as possible.

I've opened Google Maps to get to my accommodation, and there:

"travel time by car 41 minutes"...

My heart jumped into my throat.

Everyone who drove by slowed down and looked at me strangely, and passers-by did not look at me in a friendly manner either.

Out of desperation, I ordered another Uber, it turned out that the address was literally on the other side of the street... so I paid 5 bucks just to drive around the street...


(I was where the blue dot was, and I was supposed to get to where the red dot)

When I got there, I immediately booked another night because I was sure I wouldn't be able to fly out the next day.

I left my luggage and went for a walk around the neighborhood.

A district like from an American movie!

new jersey

A small school, typical American suburban houses, a small park with a fountain, a local store where everyone knows everyone.

school in new jesrey

After almost 2 hours, I returned to the room and asked the host if the district was safe.

He looked at me and said:

"Nothing has happened during the day yet, but you better not go out after dark."

new jersey

I went to the store to buy food and returned home.

I unpacked my entire suitcase to find out why it was so heavy.

I threw away some things, put some of them in the carry-on and the checked bag, and somehow from 40 kg to 23 kg in the suitcase.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing and managing my Facebook page:

In the evening, a shower, Netflix and a peaceful sleep - something I've been dreaming about for 4 months.

legs up

Day three was perfect.

I woke up in the morning, rested, without stress or obligations.

I made myself a cup of coffee, ate breakfast, made the bed - I felt like I lived there.

After breakfast, I got ready and went for a walk, and at noon I went tohave lunch at the Spanish restaurant Port Deli & Grill, three blocks from my airbnd.

port deli on the grill new jersey

I paid $10 and got 4 chicken breasts ( I wasn't vegetarian back then), rice and fries!

Lunch like for four poeple!


Everyone seemed very surprised when I entered the place.

It seems to me that tourists rarely stop in this district. 🤣

I ate one cutlet, some fries and the rest I took for later.

I was wondering whether I wanted to risk traveling deeper into this district, but I took the risk.

I walked another few blocks to the liquor store to buy some beer for the evening.

I got to Picacho Liquors on Elizabeth Ave... I was afraid to go in...

picacho liquor

After shopping, I returned home, recorded a few monologues and experiences, called friends and family, until early evening came.

I poured water into the bathtub and sat there for over an hour.

Total relax!

beer in the bathtube

After relaxing, when I was already in bed, I decided that after this whole camping adventure,

I would watch Camp Rock.

disney camp rock

And so ended a perfect day.


The next day I got up at 8 am to pack and organize before departure.

I had to leave the room by 11 am.

I ordered an Uber to go to JFK in New York and honestly, I thought it would cost me a fortune, but in total I paid $58 for a distance of almost 40 miles.

Not bad !

girl working on the computer

And this is what my stop after the camp looked like.

I can say that I had my first holiday in many, many years.

Whenever I travel, I do it actively, sightseeing, hiking, etc., but here all I did was relax.

I must admit that I needed it after these 4 months.

After a few days I felt like a new born. 😄

girl with the hat

Check out my vlog from this adventure!

Let me know in the comment - have you ever been in New Jersey?


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