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Indian Legend of Castle Rock | California

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

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Big Bear is a small town located in southwestern San Bernardino County, California.

big bear lake california

At the end of Big Bear Lake, huge boulders stand like a fortress.

The Great Bear once had a different name, it was called Yuhaviat - which means "pine place"

castle rock

According to the Legend of the Serrano Indians (Legend of Castle Rock), long ago, when the Great Bear was still known as Yuhaviat, there lived a beautiful young woman named Wyhnemah, for whose charms all the youths of the tribe sought.

indian girl

Despite her numerous admirers, Wyhnemah's heart belonged to a a man named Pahweka.

Pahweka was a hunter, so he often went hunting to provide food for the tribe.

indian native

While Wyhnemah's beloved was away hunting, she would climb to the top of Castle Rock and watch for Beloved, waiting patiently for his return and the moment when their hearts would be united in embrace again.

When the silhouette of Pahwek was visible in the distance, the girl ran down the rocks and rushed to meet the long-awaited young man.

native couple love

Once upon a time, after a separation, a girl waited for his return.

She waited and waited, hours passed and her hope for her Beloved's return was weakening.

As she looked down at the place where Pahwek's figure usually began to emerge from the distance, she realized that her love would not return, so she returned to the tribe.

indian girl

Days and weeks passed, and the young man never returned to the village.

One evening, Wyhnemah, not wanting to live without her Beloved, climbed to the top of Castle Rock and, giving her last prayer, took a step into the abyss to be with the only love of her life forever.

indian girl

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