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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - Suicide Bridge

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco is the landmark of California.

Despite being a very important transport hub, it is also a major attraction visited by millions of tourists annually.

Some know it as the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco - others as Suicide Bridge.

san francisco golden gate bridge

More than 20 people die every year by jumping from this bridge.

Apparently, in some unusual way, it strengthens the decision to commit suicide in those who are going through difficult life dilemmas.

According to psychiatrists, the Golden Gate Bridge causes some unexplained fatal attraction among these people.

[...] "– For some, the bridge is a very easily accessible place to end their earthly adventure.

For others, it is a very romantic scenery for finally saying goodbye to life.

– said Dr. Blaustein.

One of his patients told him that the bridge was "just the golden way to get to heaven".

golden gate bridge

There are various statistics on the death toll since the bridge opened in 1937.

Apparently, the official estimate is that there were 1,300 victims, other sources of information say that there were 2,000, and others that 2,500 people committed suicide on the bridge.

However, it is generally assumed that 2,500 people decided to jump, of whom 500 survived.

golden gate bridge san francisco

Harold B. Wobber, a barge helmsman, was the first to jump from the bridge in August 1937.

He had walked several hundred meters with a certain university lecturer when he suddenly took off his jacket and waistcoat, handed them to the above-mentioned visitor - Louis Naylor, and stated:

"I'm getting off here"

And he jumped.

This incident was published in the weekly "Oakland Tribune", with the description:


To everyone's surprise, there were famous people among suiciders.

One of the most famous suicides was founder of Victoria's Secret - Roy Raymond and

the son of JFK's press secretary - Pierre Salinger, a friend of the president who broke down after the attack in Dallas.

golden gate bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge from the Highway Patrol's

point of view

Kevin Briggs is a former California Highway Patrol employee from 1990 to 2013.

His territory included, among others, the Golden Gate Bridge, which hides its other, dark side beneath the beautiful views.

It is the most popular place for suicide in the entire United States.

[...] "I convinced hundreds of would-be suicides not to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge," says Kevin Briggs, but there were also situations where he could not prevent the tragedy.

[...] "During the direct intervention, I lost two people. I didn't talk to one of them for a long time. He was quite a nice guy. He didn't want to say his name or tell his story, but something was clearly happening in his life. At one point he turned to me, shook my hand and said - Kevin, I have to go. Grandma's waiting for me downstairs - His grandmother recently died. He thanked me and jumped. There was nothing I could do."

golden gate bgirdge

Why (if so many tragedies have already occurred)

is there no security under the bridge?

We have been hearing about it for years, including information from Denis Mulligan

(a representative of the city authorities), that a special steel mesh will be installed on the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

The $76 million mesh was to be installed 20 feet below the pedestrian walkways on both sides of the bridge.

Net construction began in 2018 and is expected to be completed in 2023.

Further, and so far the latest, information states that the implementation of the network is to be completed in 2021, and the investment budget is USD 211 million.

golden gate bridge

Golden Gate Bridge - one of the most famous bridges in the world, the deadliest bridge in history.

Nowadays, San Francisco's "Golden Gate" has a very bad reputation.

Let me know in the comment - did you knew about it?

(The Bridge (2007) - Documentary Film Trailer)


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