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What To See In Fuencaliente de La Palma | Canary Islands

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

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What To See In Fuencaliente de La Palma | Canary Islands

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Tourists, unlike residents, describe the town as calm and quiet, but not boring.

As I wrote in the previous post, the entire island is covered with hiking trails, so people coming to La Palma are not looking for huge events, they go to Ibiza for this purpose.

In Fuencaliente you won't find great bars or clubs, but there are interesting trails leading to places worth seeing.

cliff views ocean

1. Volcan Teneguia

In my opinion, definitely number one to see.

Teneguia is a volcanic vent that has only been active once in the past (in 1971) and is said to be unlikely to become active in the future.

The first time, the eruption was preceded by an earthquake, and the eruption lasted from October 26 to November 28, a MONTH!

Since then, it has had the status of a natural monument:

"Monumento Natural de Los Volcanes de Teneguía".

volcan island

2. Volcán de San Antonio

Great views and a great feeling walking along the edge of the volcano.

The karter is currently decorated with small trees that add unique charm.

Green inside the volcano, a miracle of nature!

On the horizon you can admire the charm of the west coast, and when the visibility is good you can even see the island of El Hierro and Gomera!

A good perspective to also admire the above-mentioned Volcan Teneguia.

volcan with a green inside

  3. Artesania Artesol

A small attraction, but quite interesting.

Handmade bags, tablecloths, scarves and other interesting things.

What's more, when you visit Artesanie you can see how you create these works on site.


4. Salinas Marinas de Fuencaliente

Saltwater pools are quite typical of the Canary Islands.

Under the influence of heat, salty water evaporates and this is how the inhabitants of the island obtain salt.

saltwater pools

5. Playa de la Zamora Chica

A small beach with black sand, with its own charm.

Mostly there aren't many people there. so you can enjoy its beauty in peace.

A bit of adrenaline is added by the fact that the cliff surrounding the beach is secured with special nets against sliding, which has already happened before.

Playa de la Zamora Chica

6. Bodegas Teneguia

Something for wine lovers!

A local winery that produces wines not only for the La Palma area, but also for the whole world.


7. Faro de Fuencaliente

A lighthouse on the southern tip of the island.

It has been decorating the island since 1985, although its original predecessor was placed there over 100 years ago in 1903.

a lighthouse

8. Hiking Trails

Virtually all the points mentioned above can be destinations for hiking trails.

Some people choose to explore Fuencaliente by car, others by bike, and many choose to follow the trails.

hiking trail on the island

Let me know in the comment -

Have you already been to La Palma - an undiscovered island?

I leave you with the video and invite you to my YouTube channel for more of my adventures!


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