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Multifunctional scarves - HippieHabits

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

I have often thought about purchasing a multi-functional scarf, but something always distracted me until I found the HippieHabits website where these scarves finally spoke to me.

Multifunctional scarves - HippieHabits are decorated with beautiful, original and unique patterns, but apart from their aesthetics, they are also very practical.

multifuncional scarf

They are also characterized by high-quality, light and seamless material.

Scarves protect against harsh sunlight, frost and strong wind.

In a word, thermal properties meet the needs of travelers and others!



On the HippieHabits website you will find many designs that are so diverse that everyone will surely choose something for themselves, from the Surf Time pattern, through Hippie Dreams, to the Zen land with the Aham Brahmasmi design.

girl in the mirror

The big advantage of the scarf is its small size, which allows us to always have it with us.

5 examples of how to wear a scarf

GIRL IN the hat

1. Hat

girl with a balaclava

2. Balaclava

girl with a hradband

3. Headband

4. Wristband

girl with a mask on

5. Protective mask

Why HippieHabits?

HippieHabits are a new brand on the market that produces sportswear in the Hippie/Boho style, but not only that. They are travelers who love adventure, so they know exactly how to create the perfect product for the unique buyer.

girl with a scarf on

I was personally convinced by their motto:

"Slow hippie life, beautiful hippie habits"

- complete peace and unity with nature.

Their products are made in Poland using Polish materials, which makes them unique.

HippieHabits also offer custom-made selected products if the standard sizes do not fit our individual ones.

Choose something for yourself by CLICKING HERE

girl in the forest in the winter

Let me know in the comment what you chose!


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