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A Sleepless Adventure To Niagara Falls | Part 1

Catch The PLANE & get INSANE

A Sleepless Adventure To Niagara Falls | Part 1

niagara falls

While working at a camp in the USA, in order not to waste time on my day off, I found a two-day trip to Niagara for $98!

I immediately told my Miss Sis, who I worked with, that we were going to Niagara in a week.

She was up to it!

niagara falls

We took one extra day off to make it two and everything was ready.

It's just... we didn't want to spend money on accommodation, and we couldn't go to New York on the day of the trip because there were no early trains.

Therefore, on Friday after work, we decided to take the train before 7 p.m. to New York and walk around the city, get a taste of New York's nightlife.

And so we did.

times square at night

A night full of adventures!

We walked around Times Square and the surrounding area all night long, until 6 a.m.

new rork city at night

Straight from Grand Central we went to 2nd Ave to the Polish restaurant "Little Poland".

We ate pork (back then I wasn't a vegetarian) and potatoes with cucumber salad and compote, mmm...

After so many months of camp food, we almost cried while eating Polish cuisine. It was so good.

little poland new york restaurant

The city that never sleeps?


If we wanted to stay somewhere, we had a choice of bars and not many at all.

Everything else was closed.

Around 11 p.m. we went to Starbucks for coffee to get through the night and talked to the employee. He was just finishing his shift and offered to invite us to a party.



We waited for him to change and when he came out, he went out with some friend. He told us that it's hard to get into a club or something like that at this time of day, unless you have connections.

He said that if we were dressed less for traveling and more for going out, he would invite us to a party with 50 Cent in one of his clubs (mhmmmmm), but guess what? It didn't work out!

So we went to another bar where they took us.

new york at night

We sat down and they started behaving strange, suspicious...

One was an amazing storyteller. He "knew" all the celebrities and was so popular... blah blah blah!

He told us that he was the Lord of this city. 😂

We started to get a little scared, so I told them that we we need to go outside to make a call because our friends were somewhere nearby (which wasn't true) and we left.

Pretending to be talking on the phone, we naturally started to move away from the bar until we finally started running as if we were being chased by a pack of pirates.

Similar to what I did in Seville, check it out 👉 Magical Seville | Spain

pirates of the caribbean

Ahhh... later adventures were with less adrenaline.

New York at night is not as scary as I imagined, but it is also not as safe as other cities.

As long as you're not alone there and stick to the main streets, nothing should happen.

girl in new york city

Finally, around 2 a.m. we were walking around H&M with the intention of buying dresses.

This was actually nice experience to go shopping at 2 a.m. in New York.

In the morning we surrounded ourselves with police guards in the middle of Times Square to feel safe. Luckly they were in front od McDonald's so it was a nice place to stay with them!

I've never eaten a hamburger with 12 policemen around me - such things only happen in New York! 🤣


Highlights of the events on the first night and day:

  1. Arrival from Connecticut to New York - Friday 9:20 p.m

  2. From Grand Central to 42nd to see a Broadway musical (it was closed)

  3. Explore all of Times Square, 5th Avenue and all nearby streets throughout the night

  4. Breakfast at McDonald's on Times Squere Playing and singing with a street musician

  5. To the subway with the intention of reaching the starting point of the trip

  6. Confusing metro directions, having to order an Uber

  7. A short nap in the Uber and not knowing where we were after getting out of the car

  8. Quick orientation, everything in Chinese - we are in the Chinatown

  9. Looking for a specific bus departure point

  10. A quick morning clean up in the grocery store bathroom

  11. Looking for our bus and guide while running from one group to another

  12. The bus leaves at 8:00, finding out which one is ours at 7:58

  13. Run to the bus and start the 10-hour journey to Niagara

Let me know in the comment - would you join us on this kind of an adventure?


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